After reading Savage Boredom for awhile, a few questions probably enter your head. Okay, more than a few. A lot of questions. Maybe you've wondered "Who is the man behind Savage Boredom? Just who is Chaos? What makes him tick?" Probably not. But Sk, author of Super Metroid: The Movie, did. For this reason, he decided to interview me over AIM.ChaosTheorySD is me, and Sk Secretkiller is Sk. But if you were too stupid to figure that out, get the hell off my site. Now, read along and found out about Chaos: the man, the myth, the legend. The dolphinator.

Sk Secretkiller: wuzzap
ChaosTheorySD: hey
Sk Secretkiller: Lets start off with the basics...

Sk Secretkiller: How old are you?
ChaosTheorySD: 16. 16 and a half if you want to be picky about it.

Sk Secretkiller: What would you say inspires you most to do your comix?
ChaosTheorySD: Like other people, or what?
Sk Secretkiller: in general
ChaosTheorySD: okay
ChaosTheorySD: My main driving focus is knowing that I actually have some fans. Knowing that people actually read and enjoy what I do is an incredible feeling.
Sk Secretkiller: wow, thats touching
Sk Secretkiller: next question, what would you say brought yourself to the point you are today, who'd you like to thank?
ChaosTheorySD: I really owe all of my "success" to the people at the Kiwibonga Advance and Metroid-Online message boards. They were the only audience for quite some time, and cheered me on.
Sk Secretkiller: wouldnt you like to thank ur mom or dad too?
ChaosTheorySD: Meh, I guess. Thanks go to my dad for getting the internet for me six years ago, and my mom and sister for putting up with all my computer hogging.
Sk Secretkiller: so, how did you advertise your site when u first started?
ChaosTheorySD: well, define started
ChaosTheorySD: because I started the comic a long time before I ever had a site
Sk Secretkiller: during the first month of seaking attention of the subject of mind.
ChaosTheorySD: When I first started making the comic, I really didn't advertise at all
ChaosTheorySD: The primary reader base were some of my friends and a small group of people on the forums
ChaosTheorySD: then around october (strip 18), I stopped making it completely
ChaosTheorySD: (up to this point, the comic had no website, or even title)
ChaosTheorySD: Thats right, no title
Sk Secretkiller: i see
ChaosTheorySD: But then Kabutroid started Project Comics
ChaosTheorySD: And he called for anyone who had a comic to sign up
ChaosTheorySD: about this same time, somebody made a little mini-comic on the Metroid_online forums
ChaosTheorySD: and I had said something about "Heh. I used ot make a comic, but I stopepd because it sucked."
ChaosTheorySD: then one of my friends (papa brain) said "No it didn't, it was good!"
ChaosTheorySD: at this point I decided to put up the link to my "site" again so all the newbies could see it and tell we what the thought
ChaosTheorySD: and surprisingly, I got an overwhelming requests to start it again
ChaosTheorySD: so I made the site, came up with the title (sort of... Its a long story actually), and registered on Project Comics
ChaosTheorySD: and THATs the story of Savage Boredom
ChaosTheorySD: And they all lived happily ever after
Sk Secretkiller: wow... and i only asked how you advertised XD
ChaosTheorySD: Oh yeah.. That.... I never did
ChaosTheorySD: except for project comics
ChaosTheorySD: and on those two message boards
Sk Secretkiller: that story has everything, Romance, action, lust, betrayal and greed!

Sk Secretkiller: What actually got you started on making comics?
ChaosTheorySD: I was browsing around the Metroid Database one day, and I found a link to Planet Zebeth
ChaosTheorySD: I read it and I was like, "Whoa, thats awesome. I bet I could do something like that."
ChaosTheorySD: And so, I did
ChaosTheorySD: My original plan was actually to have some sort of sitcom-type thing with the four different versions of Samus living together
ChaosTheorySD: But that idea didn't really pan out
Sk Secretkiller: A Samus sitcom of 4 different Samus's, was any comic ever made?
ChaosTheorySD: No. It didn't even make it past the development point in my head. I just couldn't stand the glaring plotholes that would ensue. It just wouldn't have made any sense whatsoever
Sk Secretkiller: niether does the current comics XD
ChaosTheorySD: yeah, oh well
ChaosTheorySD: But at least they have dolphins. :-P

Sk Secretkiller: You said there was some story behind the name "Savage Boredom." Care to explain?
ChaosTheorySD: A few months ago, I made a board layout for the Kiwibonga Advance message boards
ChaosTheorySD: (this was all before the comic had a name or a site or anything)
ChaosTheorySD: For the layout, I used that crescent symbol as a background and made the logo using that pointy font font I'm always using now
ChaosTheorySD: When kiwibonga finally got it up and running, we realized we needed a name for it
ChaosTheorySD: After a few minutes of thinking kiwi suggested the name "Savage Boredom"
ChaosTheorySD: I liked it, on account that boredom runs rampant through my life
ChaosTheorySD: A few months passed, and I started up my still nameless comic again
ChaosTheorySD: Since I was planning on submitting it to Project Comics, I needed an actual webite, instead of that crappy index I was using
ChaosTheorySD: Being uncreative and lazy, I re-used the same background and font as the board layout I made
ChaosTheorySD: Thats when I got the idea to call the comic Savage Boredom
ChaosTheorySD: And now whenever anyone asks, I tell them the layout was designed for the comic
ChaosTheorySD: even though it was the other way around.
Sk Secretkiller: well, how did kiwibonga get its new name?
ChaosTheorySD: I don't know. Probably just popped into his head. Kiwi is random like that.

Sk Secretkiller: Next Question...
Sk Secretkiller: what made you decide to use that specific sprite of Samus?
ChaosTheorySD: The Fusion Samus?
Sk Secretkiller: yes?
ChaosTheorySD: There were comics with NES Samus's, SNES Samus's, but no GBA Samus's
ChaosTheorySD: So I figured I would use Fusion sprites, for the sake of standing out

Sk Secretkiller: why did you choose the regular instead of the varia, gravity or power?
ChaosTheorySD: Well, The Fusion Varia looks like someone vomited all over it
Sk Secretkiller: did you know that the varia suit colors was the "Super Metroids" death colors?
ChaosTheorySD: Death colors?
Sk Secretkiller: Yes, when the Super Metroid was dying, it turned the same colors of the varia suit.
ChaosTheorySD: Oh, I never realized that
ChaosTheorySD: But anyways... About the Fusion suit
ChaosTheorySD: I just went with the standard one because it was more recognizable
Sk Secretkiller: I see.

Sk Secretkiller: Next Question, why did you choose to make Ben *snicker* based on Samus's sprite *snicker*
ChaosTheorySD: Who else would I base it on? Kraid? :-P
Sk Secretkiller: Well, how about someone from outside the metroid story?
ChaosTheorySD: Actually, it never really occured to me back then to do that
Sk Secretkiller: I see
ChaosTheorySD: I pretty much wanted it all Metroid though
ChaosTheorySD: and looking back, I'm glad I didn't use a Megaman sprite or something

Sk Secretkiller: Whats wrong with Mega Man Sprites?
ChaosTheorySD: I would have drove smack into cliche-ville
ChaosTheorySD: Plus, if I had edited one back then, it would have been prettyd damned cliched
ChaosTheorySD: I mean, look at my current Ben sprite. It's just a basic re-color
ChaosTheorySD: heh

Sk Secretkiller: I see
Sk Secretkiller: Movign on...
Sk Secretkiller: will you ever actually answer who sent yo... err... Ben?
ChaosTheorySD: Well, If I ever come up with a good idea I will
ChaosTheorySD: heh

Sk Secretkiller: I see, next question
Sk Secretkiller: If "Ben" is in the SA-X's suit, why is he obviously wearing the suit from Super Metroid?
ChaosTheorySD: He just is, damnit. Live with it. :-P

Sk Secretkiller: why is there a SA-X in the prison where Syd (or Harper?) is sent to?
ChaosTheorySD: Someone caught it and sent it to prison
Sk Secretkiller: Wouldn't they have instead sent it to a sceince facility and attempted usign it as a bio weapon?
Sk Secretkiller: in metroid fusion thye were?
ChaosTheorySD: Um... They already had one. So they sent it to prison instead... Yeah... >_>

Sk Secretkiller: Whats up with Papa Brain?
ChaosTheorySD: On the Metroid-Online boards, theres a user with the name Papa Brain, and his avatar was a Metroid sucking on Mother Brain. He commissioned me to make him a better one, so I made him an animated cool one
ChaosTheorySD: Then when I started the 8-bit storyline, I needed something for them to actually do
ChaosTheorySD: And since the Mother Brain was already long-dead, I went with the next best thing: Papa Brain
Sk Secretkiller: the deaths of beings hasnt kept you from bringing them back before though?
ChaosTheorySD: Like who?
Sk Secretkiller: SA-X, that metroid in the first comic, the entire BSL station...
ChaosTheorySD: Well, there WERE more than one SA-X
ChaosTheorySD: and they did have some Metroid on the B.S.L
ChaosTheorySD: and the B.S.L itself... Uh... It was the B.S.L.2 >_>

Sk Secretkiller: is the metroid from the begining the same metroid on papa brain?
ChaosTheorySD: I didn't orginally plan on doing it that way, but I've been thiking about that recently
ChaosTheorySD: I may just do that
ChaosTheorySD: ;-)

Sk Secretkiller: next question
Sk Secretkiller: Do you think Ridley these days is easy?
ChaosTheorySD: Yes. I blame the shitty gamers who complained about him being too hard before. Bastards
Sk Secretkiller: If you truely think he's easy, I DARE YOU to ask him out on a date!
Sk Secretkiller: then see how "easy" he really is!
ChaosTheorySD: Sorry, I don't usually date dragons. :-P

Sk Secretkiller: next question, which is easier, Metroid Fusion Ridley, or Metroid Zero Mission Ridley?
ChaosTheorySD: MZM Ridley. Fusion Ridley was still a bit dificult. But MZM Ridley had absolutely no AI whatsoever
ChaosTheorySD: But when you do a low % run, that all changes
Sk Secretkiller: i beat Ridley-X on 1%, but i have yet to be able to beat Ridley in 15%, why do you think that is?
ChaosTheorySD: Because the economy is down.
ChaosTheorySD: heh

Sk Secretkiller: Do you hope for a Metroid Movie? and if so, how would you like it made?
ChaosTheorySD: I think animated would probably be best.
Sk Secretkiller: what about the story?
ChaosTheorySD: Either re-tell the first one (basically zero mission), or make a whole new storyarc

Sk Secretkiller: How do you view people who says Super Metroid is the best game EVER and that all metroid games after it sucks and arent even real metroid games?
ChaosTheorySD: They can kiss my ass. Metroid Fusion was kinda lame as far a Metroid game goes, but it still kicked a lot of ass.
Sk Secretkiller: Agreed

Sk Secretkiller: Next question, why do you think Metroid Backgrounds are so hard to come by compared to other games?
ChaosTheorySD: Because the general public of gamers are shortsighted pricks and don't recognize Metroid for the uberness that it is

Sk Secretkiller: Do you belive that the new games are ruining the original Metroid story line and leaving alot of plot holes?
ChaosTheorySD: Not really. They're fitting them in pretty good
ChaosTheorySD: Especially Zero Mission. I think its kinda assumed that Mecha Ridley was a prototype for Meta Ridley

Sk Secretkiller: Why do the space pirates arm everythign they have with a self destruct?
ChaosTheorySD: Because they're stupidasses. They like to blow their own crap up I suppose.

Sk Secretkiller: next question, what brought u into the metroid series?
ChaosTheorySD: I originally played Super Metroid, and it kicked ass. But back then, I didn't really appreciate it as much as I should have. Metroid Prime really sucked me back in.
Sk Secretkiller: Same with me, cept Metroid Fusion instead of prime.

Sk Secretkiller: Samus Vs a Jedi, who would win?
ChaosTheorySD: Samus. I'm not really a big Star Wars Fan
Sk Secretkiller: Ben vs a Jedi?
ChaosTheorySD: Ben. All the way. That dolphin beam is a force to be reckoned with
Sk Secretkiller: How about Ben vs a Squrrel without the dolpin beam?
ChaosTheorySD: The squirell. Those things have some sharp teeth man.

Sk Secretkiller: Which metroid games have you played and in which order?
ChaosTheorySD: Super, then Prime, then Fusion, then one, then two, then Zero Mission

Sk Secretkiller: what do you play Metroid For?
ChaosTheorySD: The gameplay. It's so excellent. Plus that hot chick chick in the powersuit helps too. ;)

Sk Secretkiller: have you ever had a dream involving the metroid universe?
ChaosTheorySD: Only every night... >_>
Sk Secretkiller: Can you give an example of one?
ChaosTheorySD: No, there might be little kids reading... Heh

Sk Secretkiller: Which Samus game art is your fave, and which is your least?
ChaosTheorySD: I like the edning pictures from Fusion and Zero Mission best. Gotta love those blue short shorts. ;)

Sk Secretkiller: what would you do differently if you were mother brain and incharge of Zebes's defences?
ChaosTheorySD: Screw those damn Rinka Machines. I'd stick a bunch of Omega Metroids in Tourian
ChaosTheorySD: That'll show that pesky Samus...
Sk Secretkiller: are you aware that Samus defeated a Omega Metroid on the BSL in Metroid Fusion with ease?
ChaosTheorySD: Yeah... But I'd like to see her take on 30 at once. Bwahahaha!
ChaosTheorySD: *getting a little bit too into the Mother Brain persona*
Sk Secretkiller: just as bad at stragising as she is o_o'

Sk Secretkiller: Next Question, which game has your fav suit appearence?
ChaosTheorySD: I'm tempted to say Phazon Suit, because black is sexy. But for some reason, The Gravity Suit (especially in Prime) really appeals to me

Sk Secretkiller: What do you think about people who complains Metroid Fusion has no sequence breaking, but at the same time complains the Metroid Zero Mission sequence breaking is intentional?
ChaosTheorySD: They need to make up their damn minda and figure out if they're pro or anti SQing
ChaosTheorySD: Personally, I love sequence breaking
ChaosTheorySD: It's so fun
Sk Secretkiller: do you think in the next game they should make sequnce breaking unintential?
ChaosTheorySD: well, you can't exactly make something unintentionally. :-P
Sk Secretkiller: one could if they never test run the game befre release, thus not fixing the glitches...

Sk Secretkiller: next question
Sk Secretkiller: Which is your favorite Boss?
ChaosTheorySD: Hmm, thats a tough one
ChaosTheorySD: Flaagrah was cool
ChaosTheorySD: and since I can't make up my mind, I'll just say flaagrah
Sk Secretkiller: thats a first...

Sk Secretkiller: nexxt, if you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
ChaosTheorySD: 1) Have a powersuit, just like in ym comics
ChaosTheorySD: 2) Samus be a real person and... uhh, no comment
Sk Secretkiller: XD
ChaosTheorySD: and 3) Have Savage Boredom become really popular all over the internet
Sk Secretkiller: the 3rd wish cant be counted since it already is, whats ur next 3rd wish?
ChaosTheorySD: No, I mean 8-bit theatre kind of popular
Sk Secretkiller: ohhhhhhhhh
Sk Secretkiller: legendary style
ChaosTheorySD: yeah..
ChaosTheorySD: That would be excellent

Sk Secretkiller: What if a Djnn Granted you 1 wish?
ChaosTheorySD: then just the power suit one
ChaosTheorySD: complete with dolphin beam. ;)
Sk Secretkiller: you do know that any wish made by the Djnn would have a equally bad or worse consequence?
ChaosTheorySD: Oh... I forgot about that...
Sk Secretkiller: so?
ChaosTheorySD: Hmmm, I don't know then
ChaosTheorySD: maybe something simple like to make me a sandwich. At worst, the turkey would be dry.
Sk Secretkiller: or you could be deadly allergic to it...
ChaosTheorySD: okay, then I'll have it tie my shoes
Sk Secretkiller: what if it tied too tight u cant get circulation or get them off?
ChaosTheorySD: Well damn...
ChaosTheorySD: Oh, I know
ChaosTheorySD: I'd tell me to give me a second wish, consequence-free
ChaosTheorySD: haha

Sk Secretkiller: next question, coke or pepsi?
ChaosTheorySD: Pepsi

Sk Secretkiller: are you aware that the suit ben's wearing was made for a female... and that in order to fit in it would have to loose or he would have to have a really small... *gulp*
ChaosTheorySD: ...
ChaosTheorySD: The material stretches or something..
Sk Secretkiller: i never knew metal stretches
ChaosTheorySD: well, theres a rubber body suit under neath
ChaosTheorySD: I should know, I've spent countless hours examining every detail of the Samus trophies from SSBM
ChaosTheorySD: Err... I mean... Nevermind...
Sk Secretkiller: thats kidna creepy...
ChaosTheorySD: No it's not. Shut up.. I didn't do nothing! >_>

Sk Secretkiller: next question, Why, unlike most Web Comics, you put yourself in the comics but arent like a god figure?
ChaosTheorySD: Because thats been done to death already. There are so many comics that do that, that it's getting old. I prefer to stand out. Perhaps thats why people are starting to like Savage Boredom.
Sk Secretkiller: i see

Sk Secretkiller: last question
Sk Secretkiller: when u going to link my site? XD
ChaosTheorySD: Umm... in 15 minutes when I put up the new comic
Sk Secretkiller: you posting today? sweet
Sk Secretkiller: ill be sure to see it
ChaosTheorySD: You'd better. heheh
Sk Secretkiller: anyway, thats all the time we have today, thank you for participating in the interview
ChaosTheorySD: Sure, no problem

Sk Secretkiller: Would you like to say anything to the readers who read this entire interview?
ChaosTheorySD: hmmm
ChaosTheorySD: Thanks for all the support. Knowing you all actually enjoy it really makes me happy. So keep the comments and stuff coming.

Get me out of here already!

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