General Websites:
Kiwibonga Advance: Here's the guy that actually wastes webspace on trash like this. Not to mention the guy who came up with the comic's name. Don't like it? It's his fault. Kiwibonga Advance is the place to go if you don't care about the latest Gameboy Advance or ROM hacking news, but are looking for a cool board full of crazy people.

StarFox-Online: A great Star Fox site run by my buddy BondFan. If you're a fan of Star Fox, this is the place you need to be.

Metroid Source: Another site by Aaron (referred to previously as BondFan). Need a new general Metroid news site in your life? Of course you do! So head on over to Metroid Source and become enslaved for all eternity. Oh, and by that I mean "have a very fun and education time," of course. And I work on the staff, so it just has to be awesome.

Metroid 2 Secret Worlds: Everything you ever neded to know about the secret worlds in Metroid 2.

Metroid Metal: Awesome metal covers for the soundtrack to the original Metroid. If that doesn't convince you, he's also starting to do tracks from Super Metriod. Now hurry up and go, you audiophile you.

The Best Page in the Universe: Maddox, everyone's favorite cynical rant-hound. Remember: if you disagree with his opinions, you are WRONG. Seanbaby is one of the funniest men on the internet. though he hardly updates anymore, there's a ton of stuff in the archives to keep your face rocked for ages to come.

Homestar Runner: Homestar run, go! Everybody loves the Homestar Runner, some folk say he's a terrific athlete. Hilarious flash 'toons. If you have't been here before, you're really missing out.

The Official Iron Maiden Website: The official site for my favorite band in the entire world, Iron Maiden. Up the irons!

MaidenFans: An incredible fansite dedicated to Iron Maiden. Go here to find out the lastest news about the band, or anything else related to Maiden. Check out the Iron Maiden Commentary for in-depth coverage about each and every Maiden song, album, single, tour, DVD, everything. It's awesome, it really is.

Bored at Work: Bored at work? Bored at school? Bored at home? Just plain bored? Then go here and find something to do.

Übersite: Chock full of short (and sometimes not-so-short) stories from people all over the itnernet. Sometimes it's absolutely golden, sometimes it's... not (more than sometimes, actually). Authors I'd personally recomend are Sideburns, comicbookguy, Tom Sorrel, and basically anyone on the Most Viewed Authors List.

Bash: You know when you're sitting in a chatroom and somebody says something funny? Don't you just wish that someone would start a website to archive all of those hilarious moments? Well that's what Bash is for. Reading random quotes is a great way to just kill some time.

Other comics:
Planet Zebeth: The ORIGINAL Metroid sprite comic. Kabutroid served as my primary inspiration for making webcomics, and Zebeth is still my favorite comic to date.

Where There's a Wil Productions: Wil is one crazy dude. He somehow manages to do 5 whole comics (sprite AND hand-drawn), and have them all be really good, too. Go check him out, you're bound to find SOMETHING you like.

Rueben Dante: Time Vagrant: Yutz makes this one of the most original sprite comics on the internet. Really. It's great. Go read it.

Retro Roots: Although this comic has pretty much died, it's still so good that I don't have the heart to take it off the links page. So go read it, and pester Trevor to start up again.

Screw These Comics: There's an epidemic of crappy comics on the internet, and Nes and Evil Nes take it as their duty to rip them all a new one.

Metorid Animated: Majin makes a bunch of cool animated Metroid outtakes. They're really well done.

Chrono Splinter: A Chrono Trigger-based comic with a great sense of humor. Fear the warts of justice!

Off-Kilter Studios: Look, hand drawn comics! Egads! And look, a really spiffy layout, too.

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