Q: What is this crap?

A: Looks like feces to me.

Q: Hrmm, indeed it is... Anyways, what's this website about?

A: This is Savage Boredom, one of the many sprite comics on this so-called internet.

Q: Well, what makes yours so special?

A: Good question. It may be because I made all of this, but I don't see anything all that special in it. But here you are reading this, so I be doing something right.

Q: Why do you always put down your own work?

A: Well, I don't do this too often anymore, because it makes it look like I'm trying to get fans through pity. But I do it because if I say "Oh, look at me, I'm go great!" I look like a pompous ass.

Q: So who are you anyways?

A: If you must know, my name is Ben, I'm seventeen, and live in San Diego, California.

Q: Wait a minute... Ben? Same as the guy in the comics?

A: Yeah, I named him afer myself.

Q: So you're the typical god-author character, eh?

A: Hell no. I'll use the sprite to represent myself outside of the comic, but within Savage Boredom-land, Ben is just a regular guy.

Q: But why? You could be a god with al sorts of cool powers!

A: Because that's been done to death already and has become cliche.

Q: Strip [X] sucked! I hate you now!

A: That's odd, I don't remember making a strip numbered [X]...

Q: You know what I mean, jackass.

A: Well, one can't expect to put out excellent work 100% of the time. I try my best, but it's inevitable that some strips won't be as good.

Q: I found a spelling error!

A: Chances are, I already know about it and don't really care enough to fix it. The error probably doesn't get in the way of the overall meaning, so just live with it. But if you find something so wrong that the whole meaning of the passage is lost, by all means tell me about it. But of course, if you're Doc Funky, feel free to make me miserable about it. :D

Q: If Ben stole his powersuit from an SA-X, doesn't that mean he's a crossdresser that wears womens clothing?

A: No, and shut up. >_>

Q: When do you update?

A: I update when I update. I try to do it at least every other day, but usually that doesn't happen.

Q: Have people actually asked you these questions?

A: Ehh, some of them. Most of them I'm just making up off the top of my head.

Q: Why would you do somethign like that?

A: Because I can. Deal with it.

Q: When will this F.A.Q. end?

A: Right now.