Bonus Savage Boredom Strips
Back on Track
The Big Blackout
You Are Craaaaaappy!
Kuribo's Shoe > j00
Chaos is a Bastard
Savage Boredom's One Year Party
Custom 404 Page

Holiday/Birthday Strips
April Fools, 2004
Kiwibonga's Birthday, 2003
Cantonbags's Birthday, 2004

Official Savage Boredom Wallpapers
Don't Shoot the Logo
Someone Set Up Us the Dolphin
Beware of Dolphin
NES Boxart
Savage Garden Boredom

Guest Strips For Other People
Planet Zebeth - Congrats
Planet Zebeth - Four Swords
Planet Zebeth - Hall of Shame
Thank you strip for timi125

Guest Submitted Strips
Ben's B-day, by Wil
Happy Birthday Ben, by Majin
Ben Vs. Demo, by VBub
Mmm, Cheese, by Blue Duality
Ben and the Z-Saber, by Majin
Nuclear Dolphinry, by Sushi

Guest Submitted Wallpapers
Idiot, by BondFan

Other Random Junk by Chaos
Metroid: Zero Mission Wallpaper
Metroid: Zero Mission Map
Invader Zim Wallpaper
'10 Kinds of People' Wallpaper
South Park Self Portrait
Chaos: The Interview
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Viewtiful Joe Sprites
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