Samus Aran:
Everyone's favorite bounty hunter who is solely responsible for the elimination of the Metroids. She now has an idiot partner who was forced onto her by authorities unknown. Samus is quick to anger, so if you make her mad, run like hell. Hell hath no fury like a womans scorn... Especially if that woman is equipped with a missle launcher and plasma beam.

What kind of webcomic would this be without the idiot partner? Ben is usually an idiot, but there just may be more to him than meets the eye. Probably not, but it's possible.

The former leader of the rebellion on Planet Contra. Harper is quite evil and has been known to enjoy hot chocolate, rainy days, and obliterating those who oppose him. His brother Syd eventually died by a rocket blast from Harper. Harper swears it was an accident. Of course it was.

Joe is a sick pervert with a panties fetish. He's such a feind, that the Galactic Federation has placed the bounty of one whole cheese sandwich on his head.

Papa Brain:
Papa Brain is Mother Brain's husband. Or brother. Or cousin. Or something. Nobody really knows, and we'd rather not think about it. PB went against better judgement and didn't confine himself to the safety of a glass jar. As a result, a Metroid latched onto his head. PB can talk to it, and named it Sip. Again, nobody knows why, nor cares.

Media Guy:
The chief exucutive of the Enterion corporation, known simply as Media Guy. After being dolphinated by Ben, he's sworn to get revenge on him, and crush Samus and Papa Brain while he's at it. Media Guy (or his underlings at least) was responsible for the whole 8-bit fiasco.
Commander A. Gordon is one of the top officers in the Galactic Federation and was in charge of the project to eliminate Samus Aran. When Ben turned his back on the GF, Gordon vowed revenge on "the boy." Gordon digs the whole dark and mysterious atmosphere, and tends to use his lightsaber as a desklamp.